Historical Use of Cannabis for Metabolism, Weight Management, and Exercise Recovery

Historical Use of Cannabis for Metabolism, Weight Management, and Exercise Recovery

How Cannabis Can Help

As counterintuitive as it may seem to some, the latest research on the relationship between cannabis use and metabolism indicates a few things. First, the plant has far greater potential as a supplement for weight regulation than previously thought possible; and second, in the broader sense, whether one is aware of the side effect or not, casual cannabis use over time can lead to more stable body weight and even a smaller waistline.

The research on the relationship between cannabis use and metabolism seems to suggest that, despite cannabis users’ possibly consuming more calories than non-users, it doesn’t seem to affect their health in an adverse way.

Using Cannabis for a Healthy Body

When we look at what the research says about cannabis in the context of metabolism and weight management, it seems reasonable to conclude that the positive effects on these areas are a result of ongoing use—more of stabilization over time than a quick weight loss remedy. A healthier metabolism and more stable body weight may be a side effect of consistent cannabis use, but don’t expect to drop five pounds after smoking your first joint.

When you’re using cannabis with the intention of aping up your energy ahead of a workout or easing aches and pains in the hours that follow, how you decide to consume cannabis plays a very important role in how you’ll feel. Where some athletes swear by gel capsules or oils before a workout because they prefer not to smoke, others enjoy the quick onset of inhalation through smoking or using a vaporizer pen.

Cannabis as a superfood

“Cannabis is a green leafy vegetable. Your mother told you to eat your greens. She meant cannabis—she just didn’t know it at the time,” she says. “It’s packed with a lot of different nutrients, so it’s a ‘superfood’ in that way—it’s a green, like kale and spinach.

I always go back to the idea that just because somebody decided to separate this green leafy vegetable from the team, somehow we’ve vilified it, and we think about it differently, instead of looking at it for what it really is.”

How Cannabis Can Help

When Robyn Griggs Lawrence received her medical marijuana card from her gynecologist in 2009, it was a revelation of sorts for the full-time magazine editor, health-focused foodie, volleyball mom, and self-proclaimed “research chef,” who still felt skeptical on her first trip to a local medical cannabis dispensary.

Lastly Comment

While scientists have certainly tried to link cannabis use to things like sexual dysfunction and “high-risk” behavior or promiscuity, there is also evidence to show that cannabis can not only increase sexual pleasure and satisfaction, it may also increase desire.

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