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Not Your Typical Fitness and Personal Training Service Evolution Fitness and Wellness Solutions is not your typical Fitness and Personal Training service. Clients are offered genuinely high-quality, professional training, and educational service. This is NOT a quick-fix, money-grabbing flavor of the month business. Programs are tailored specifically for people of all ages, fitness levels, and abilities. I collaborate long-term with individuals who have a common desire and commitment to actively participate in improving their health and/or losing body fat in a supportive and friendly environment.

Total Body Transformation

My training programs include a total body transformation system that incorporates cutting-edge fitness instruction, nutritional education, empowerment, and motivation. Each session is packed with a series of fun, consistently changing exercise programs created specifically to strengthen and increase your cardio fitness. I am a certified personal trainer with over 17 years of experience. As a participant in any Evolution program you can expect: Increased power, strength, and endurance Dramatic improvements in your energy levels, mental focus and self-confidence loss of inches, firmer body and improved body composite improved athletic performance and functional fitness increase in knowledge/awareness about fitness training and nutrition to feel healthy and happy – no matter what your age or fitness level


If you are someone who craves a great workout but loathes exercising alone, or if you are in dire need of an inspirational “kick in the butt” or you are looking for an affordablemotivationalno-nonsense approach on how to FINALLY get results that last: then this is for you! Whatever your personal fitness goals are, Evolution Fitness is committed to supporting you on your journey to optimum health and vitality.

Services available:

  • Boot Camps (ladies only, youth, couples, co-ed)
  • Bridal Boot Camp (Bride, Bride & Groom, Bride & Bridal Party)
  • Mom and Babe Fitness programs
  • Urban Poling/Nordic Walking programs
  • Personal Training (individual, couples, group)
  • Specialized Sport-Specific Development Programs: Speed, Agility, Quickness, and Strength
  • Body Fat Testing

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