Why is Cannabis Illegal?

Referred to variously as marijuana, ganja, weed and herb amongst many other slang terms, cannabis is one of the safest medicines available. As well as giving us the dried buds that can be smoked, the plant produces nutritious seeds from which healthy edible oils can be pressed, the plant fibers are durable and versatile with many commercial uses, the crop is environmentally beneficial and many parts of the plant were in use for thousands of years before prohibition.

Unlike many pharmaceutical medications, there has never been a single recorded fatality from cannabis use. No one has ever died as a direct result of ingesting cannabis, nor have there been any instances of brain receptor damage through its use; unlike alcohol and other drugs cannabis does not wear out the brain receptors, it merely stimulates them.

So Why is There Almost Global Prohibition of this Plant?

Cannabis prohibition emanates from a commercial conspiracy that was started in the 1920s. The word marijuana itself was first brought into the English language by these early corporate offenders who needed to change the public’s perception of the cannabis plant from a useful fiber and medicine to a dangerous, addictive and destructive substance in order to destroy the hemp industry and replace cannabis medicines and hemp fiber products with their own toxic pharmaceutical drugs and petrochemical products. They achieved this by manipulating the media and printing fictitious stories connecting marijuana use and crime.

Lastly Comment

People denied cannabis oil treatment have died of cancers that all of the available evidence suggests may have been entirely treatable. In the following chapters we’ll look at the basic history and makeup of the cannabis plant, how its beneficial contents can best be extracted and administered and we’ll also detail the nutritional benefits that can be derived from non-psychoactive varieties available such as hemp seeds and cold pressed hemp oils.

The aim is to help people make their own informed decisions regarding cannabis use, regardless of the government’s refusal to supply this information or allow cannabis use

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