A Complete Guide To Legal And Ethical Use Of Software

Any form of Invention and Art rightfully demands commercial value. Inventions are made by relentless efforts. Any kind of copying is assassination of Originality.

Software Piracy has indeed become a headache for the companies who prepare them through intense research and development.

According to a woeful observation, illegal copying of software has turned out to be such a profitable business that they are pursued insensibly in some countries.

You can get to know more on Copyright from legal firms like James Berry and Associates. This very article is intended to act as an alarm bell, that is, regarding legal and ethical use of  Software.

Software Piracy: Hard Facts To Digest

There are certain facts that make the empire of Piracy by Vandalising the Castle of originality.

  • Software piracy has indeed become a global issue with China, the United States and India are the top perpetrators.
  • The commercial empire of Pirated Software aggregates to be something close to around $19 bn . And the value for the rest of the world  reached a massive $27 bn.
  • In terms of monetary value, the Illegal Copy or Piracy market toucheed   550000000 euro. This is even larger than trade of substance like Cocaine, Marihuana and heroin.
  • A massive 25% to 90% of the Company  owns softwares that is not legal.
  • Around  42% of the employees in a company are not aware about the fact  that there is or not a software policy within the organisation.

Software And Intellectual Rights 

One must respect the intellectual creativity of the creator. These involve principles that are applied to the  works of  the creator as well as the publishers of all the media.

This is a mark of respect to the creator. This also acknowledges the creativity, right and ownership of the Creator

Electronic information are highly vulnerable and they are persistently under threat of distortion, they need to be covered under copyright.

Any violation or non compliance to the Integrity like Plagiarism, Copying, Invasion of Privacy act to mar the originality involved with any  work of art or Invention.

Guide To Ethical Use Of Software

Some practices need to be adhered to by you (users)so that you adhere strictly to them in order to save you, R&D , Originality and  Industry.

Refrain From Using Software That Intent To Harm Others

You must make sure that you remain away from any kind of software that makes some other soft targets.

If you do so it might act to harm or corrupt the files of other users. Writing programs is not legal at all. Keep away from hacking, spamming, phishing and cyber bullying.

Do Not Buy Pirated Softwares, Buy Original Ones 

Like any other literary work softwares too is affixed with Copyright.  When the developer develops the software it gets the authority of the innovation.

It must get all the credit that is due.  Obtaining Pirated Copies totally tatter your commitment as it contains no granting permission from the creator.

Don’t Claim Ownership In Someone’s Intellect 

The programs developed by the  software developers are the developer’s property. If it works under the organisations it is the property of the organisation.

Copying them and propagating them under some wrong title is absolutely illegal and utterly misleading. It details oneself from the track of ethics.

Know The US Copyright Act 

The US copyright acts  recognises and ratifies Intellectual property. Any original work, Data, Pictures, Article, books, Innovation need to be covered by the copyright.


If you have a legal Copy of the softwares, it means you are able to make a single archival copy of that particular software.

Can I Copy Software That Is Copy Protected? 

If there is lack of protection  and this does not constitute permission to copy software without authorisation. “ Non Copy” softwares  enables you to prepare a backup copy.

Could Softwares Be Loaned?

Previously  loaning softwares was considered legal. But with the passage of time and with the 1990 modification of Copyright Law, loaning softwares is considered illegal.

Loaning or renting softwares for the purpose of commercial advantage and without specific permission from the company come under illegality.

So, The Fact Remains…

Any kind of illegal copying of softwares is acceptionable. One must save oneself from using any kind of illegally pirated softwares that mar the Industry like anything.You must be aware regarding the US copyright Act.



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