The Sections of IBPS SO 2022

IBPS exams are one of the most prestigious and in-demand examinations among the youths. Applicants who pass the formative online assessments and written examination will be eligible for the panel interview round. Each year, the Institution of Banking Recruitment And selection process holds IBPS SO Examination to select qualified applicants for the positions listed below:

  • Agricultural Field Agent.
  • Marketing Manager (Scale I).
  • Manager of Human Resources/Personnel (Scale I).
  • Information Technology Manager (Scale I).
  • Law Officials (Scale I).

IBPS has announced the examination schedule for Specialized Officer positions under State Bank of India Special Officer Recruitment 2022. In accordance with the IBPS Schedule 2022, the IBPS SO 2022 Preliminary Examination would be held on December 24th and December 31st of 2022, with the Mains Examination taking place on Jan 29th of 2023.

Mock papers to help

Start your preparation with the IBPS SO mock test 2022 program; you may achieve a secure job in the banking business as a Specialized Officer. These question packs were created by expert professionals who formulated the problems based on the most recent question papers and curriculum in order to create a top-notch sample set. Now, these mock papers are available in multiple languages; you can take IBPS SO online sample exams in both English and Hindi.

Each problem has a lengthy explanation that is exclusively available on online platforms as well.

These tests may be taken on a smartphone or Computer, according to your preference.

Do take the complimentary IBPS SO Preliminary practice test online on various websites and receive a thorough analysis to strengthen your skill gaps and correct errors more precisely and promptly. A genuine exam-like atmosphere will provide you with an accurate assessment of your preparedness.

The Advantages of Practicing Mock Test Sessio

  • Revision Techniques That Work

Effective subject rewriting will lead to improved consistency and understanding. This gives the applicants increased certainty and improves their current effectiveness. The review of the curriculum serves as the most significant component of your overall prep. Thus it demands your total attention.

  • Conceptual preservation

Undertaking the IBPS SO exam program will result in greater comprehension, effectiveness, and ease of recall of ideas. By completing the IBPS SO exam sequence, any subject of any degree of complexity may be clearly grasped and confidently addressed.

  • Excellent Time Organization

Time organization may be achieved by rehearsing various types of queries in a time-limited setting, so you are able to explore more subjects in far less time. Students can also practice subjects that were not sufficiently prepared. Evaluating yourself by utilizing the mock exams within IBPS SO interactive test collection on a regular basis will allow you to separate subjects based on your strengths and weaknesses.


While preparing for the IBPS SO mock test 2022, students must also develop the online practice of evaluating their achievement depending on their scores at the completion of the examination. With that, proceed to continue their preparedness depending on their observations. If you wish to prevent unforeseen problems in your test, you should prepare well. One approach to achieve this is to take mock examinations on a regular basis so that you may prepare in such a method in order to not confront any unexpected conditions on examination day.

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