Discover the difference Fusion Medicine can make

Discover the difference Fusion Medicine can make

East meets West at InMedic Pain Management Centres. Discover the difference Fusion Medicine can make – and take the first step towards a pain-free life.

Are you suffering from chronic pain? Would you like to reduce your dependency on pain medicationInMedic Pain Management Centres can help!

We offer a unique approach to pain management, one that combines cutting-edge Western Medicine with balanced Eastern Practices. It’s an approach we like to call Fusion Medicine, and it’s now available in London. Our 8,000 s.f., the state-of-the-art clinic offers specialized treatment rooms equipped with the latest technology – including London’s first Ultrasound-Guided Nerve Blocks in a community pain center. Our staff is fully-accredited professionals who will work together to create a customized treatment plan, tailored to your individual needs. *No referrals are necessary and many of our services are covered by OHIP and/or Private Insurance Policies. In-house financing is also available. Book Your Consultation today!

How is Fusion Medicine different?

Unlike a traditional physician’s appointment, clients new to InMedic will be assessed by our three lead health providers – a Physician, a Naturopath, and a Chiropractor. This first consultation may take an hour or more, as your health history and lifestyle factors are explored to discover the underlying cause of your chronic pain.

Our team will then work together to create a customized treatment plan, which may integrate traditional Western pain management treatments with an Eastern approach designed to improve your long-term wellbeing.

We think you’ll agree that Fusion Medicine – our unique synergy between Eastern and Western treatment techniques – offers a revolutionary new approach to pain management.

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