Biography of Leonid Agutin

Biography of Leonid Agutin

Leni’s mother Addie Andrews in her youth was a soloist in a dance group. After the decree, she retrained and became a teacher of elementary grades. Leonid began to seriously study music at the age of six, enrolling in a music school. After graduating with success, he continued his musical education at the jazz school at the Moskvorechye Palace of Culture.

He combined music education with studies in one of the Moscow schools. At the age of 18, Leonid was drafted into the army. He served in a unit on the border of the USSR and Finland, and already in the army he demonstrated remarkable talent, actively participating in amateur performances, speaking to colleagues and officers.

1992 was a very important year for Leonid. He received a diploma of higher education, and also became a laureate of the Yalta-1992 song contest with his first hit, Barefoot Boy. Then the whole country learned about the artist. The debut album of the same name by Leonid Agutin was released in 1994 and became incredibly popular. In the spring of 1995, the singer twice collected a complete “Olympic”, proving to everyone that he had come into show business in earnest and for a long time.

One of the most interesting projects of Agutin is his joint album with the famous jazz musician talented Al Di Meola. The disc “Cosmopolitan Life” was appreciated all over the world, for several months it was listed in the jazz charts of various countries. But in Russia this work was not appreciated. Today Leonid Agutin is still gathering full houses. Interest in his person does not weaken, thanks to the active participation of Agutin in various television projects. For example, together with Fedor Dobronravov, he won the Two Stars program. And now for the fifth season (having missed one) he is one of the mentors in the Voice show.

 Personal life of Leonid Agutin

The first time Agutin got married, barely returning from the army. The marriage with Svetlana Belykh lasted five years. A year after the divorce, in 1994, Leonid met the ballerina Maria Vorobyova. They lived in a civil marriage for several years, in March 1996, Maria and Leonid had a daughter, Polina. After parting, the child stayed with his mother, who moved first to Italy and then to France.

However, Agutin did not disappear from the life of the girl, and recently the 21-year-old daughter introduced her fiancé Juan to her father. Agutin approved the choice of his daughter.  According to the plot, the role of Stirlitz was for Agutin, and Angelica played his wife, the number contained a bed scene and real kisses. It was love, but Agutin and Varum did not rush things and approached slowly.

In 1999, their daughter Elizabeth was born, and a year later, Angelica and Leonid legalized their relationship, celebrating their wedding in Venice. Anything has happened in their 16 years of marriage. For example, in 2011, Agutin allowed himself to openly flirt with a stranger at a festival in Jurmala, after which Varum packed up and left the house, but still found the strength and wisdom to survive the situation and forgive her husband.

One way or another, the union of Angelica Varum and Leonid Agutin is one of the strongest in Russian show business. Interesting facts about Leonid Agutin – Leonid Agutin was named after his maternal grandfather who died during the war – on December 29, 2008, Agutin was awarded the title of “Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.” – The daughter of Agutin and Varum, Elizaveta, lives in Miami from the age of 4. A few years ago, the singer introduced his daughters, the girls found a common language and are now friends.


  • “Barefoot Boy”, 1994
  • “Decameron”, 1995
  • “Summer Rain”, 1998
  • “Best”, 1998
  • Office Romance, 2000
  • “Deja vu”, 2003
  • “New Collection”, 2004
  • “Best Songs”, 2004
  • “Cosmopolitan Life” (joint project with Lavaxgrll), 2005
  • “Love. Road. Sadness and Joy”, 2007
  • “Be a part of yours”, 2012
  • “Romances”, 2012
  • “The Time of the Last Romantics”, 2012
  • “The Secret of the Glued Pages”, 2013
  • “Just about the important”, 2016

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