Are you looking professional cleaning Copenhagen?

Are you looking professional cleaning Copenhagen?

Are you looking for a company that can perform careful and professional cleaning? At jacobsens-rengø, we deal with cleaning in many forms and sizes for both private and business, including office cleaning. We have an address in Haslev but have many customers in and around. However, we cover the whole of Zealand if desired, so just contact us.

Rengøring (cleaning) can include many different kinds of things, and within commercial cleaning, there will also be many different kinds of rooms that need to be cleaned. Fortunately, we can offer cleaning service for a little of everything. The cleaning will always be uniform, as one or more service assistants are well placed in exactly your workplace. In this way, we can also ensure that your needs and requirements are met, so that you can be satisfied when you arrive at a cleaned workplace the next day.

In addition to the obvious practical benefits of commercial cleaning, cleaning also has something to say in relation to a good indoor climate. It is important to make sure there are orderly conditions in the workplace for everyone’s sake. It is not healthy for health to breathe in a dusty environment, and therefore regular cleaning is important.

We know that private cleaning is a matter of trust and therefore you get a permanently attached service assistant who is responsible for your cleaning. This ensures that you get an optimal and uniform cleaning, so that your home or business always appears clean and fragrant after each visit to jacobsens-rengø

Cleaning for business is a noble craft that requires skill, overview and care. At jacobsens-rengø in Haslev, you can be sure that we always carry out our work with the utmost care, diligence and respect for your workplace. With Erhvervsrengøring commercial cleaning, you and your colleagues can calm down in the morning and return the next morning for a new day in shiny, fragrant and clean rooms. 

With over many years of experience in the industry, we know how to create satisfied customers; by providing a careful and stable service, so that you as a customer are guaranteed a safe result. At jacobsens-rengø, we live up to the responsibility of providing good cleaning and first-class service for our many customers.

All companies are different and it is different how often it is necessary to perform a cleaning. We therefore always take the individual customer’s individual wishes and needs as our starting point when we have to make a cleaning plan for the individual customer. Do you need cleaning every day, every week or every other week? We will find the solution that suits your company in particular.

We want to be a cleaning company that our customers can trust. We therefore always abide by the agreements we enter into with our customers regarding their cleaning. Our team consists of experienced and careful employees who are specialists in their field. Feel free to contact us if you want a reliable and stable cleaning company to perform your professional cleaning.

Are you looking for prices on professional Rengøringshjælp Copenhagen? The prices of company cleaning can vary slightly from business to business. It thus matters whether you are looking for the price of professional cleaning in an office, a clinic, an industrial company, etc. Finally, it can matter how big your company is, as well as whether you want a fixed price or a fixed hourly rate. Are you therefore looking for professional cleaning and want to hear what it will cost? Contact us without obligation, because we offer commercial cleaning throughout Copenhagen and are ready with a strong price.

Have you been looking for cleaning for businesses? Are you interested in getting a non-binding offer on company cleaning Copenhagen? Then you are welcome to contact us on telephone +45 4880 9952 and obtain a good offer for your assignment. Tell our employees about your wishes and needs, and let them put together a good offer for your cleaning task. We look forward to receiving your inquiry.

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