A Beginners Guide On How To Grow Weed Indoors

A Beginners Guide On How To Grow Weed Indoors

The indoor Cannabis grow

There are many ways to grow an indoor soil garden. The most common indoor set-ups are:

1. Bench growing,

2. SOG growing,

3.ScrOG growing

4. Cabinet growing.

We will discuss these methods in a moment but let us first see what they all have in common.


Lights come in all shapes, sizes, wattage, and typess. A full indoor grow lighting kit should contain the following items. Bulb, reflector, ballast, timer, and electrical inputs/outputs.


Soil comes in many types and varieties. What you will find as you go along is that you will add various ingredients to your soil to improve plant growth. The Cannabis plant will grow long and winding roots into the soil. These roots absorb water and other minerals from the soil to help it grow.

The soil also goes through dry periods when you do not water your plant or when the plant has absorbed most of the water. During these dry periods, the air is allowed to creep in between the soil particles, allowing the roots to breathe.


Loams tend to be a mix of all of the above. The combination of the mix is always stated on the bag. In fact, in most cases, normal soil that you buy in the shops has sand, silt, and clay mixed in with it. When you encounter a bag of soil it is nearly always going to be a Loam. Loams are very fertile soil composed chiefly of clay, sand, and humus. They are highly recommended.


Basically, pots come in all shapes and sizes. Marijuana plants are best kept in pots that are somewhat large because cannabis does grow long roots. Also, you are better off buying a pot that has some form of perforations (holes) at the bottom. The perforated pot sits on a small dish (you should be able to buy these at the same time you buy your pots).


Temperature is controlled by any heating unit or natural sunlight that your room receives. The best meter for temperature control is the human body. If you find it is too cold in your grow room, then so will your plants.

75 degrees Fahrenheit is what you should aim for. Slightly warmer rooms do help plants to grow a bit quicker. Use a thermometer to analyze your room’s temperature. If too cold, turn on the heating. If too hot, open a window and maybe even use a fan.

Lastly Comment

The plants are not flowered until as such time as they have covered the entire mesh with green. As the plants grow up through the wire mesh they are trained and worked around the netting to form a very even canopy. The top colas and side branches are all trained under the screen.

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