Easy Instagram marketing hacks in 2022

Instagram marketing gets more attention since the pandemic. Yes, Instagram was the biggest trendy app around the globe before the pandemic but more people stay home, they want to see everything online. That’s why businesses have to focus more on Instagram marketing. Today, we will talk about the easy tips on how to increase the followers base, why you should buy Instagram likes, and get higher organic reach thanks to algorithm optimization.

Photo captions

Despite the fact that Instagram is a visual social network, texts are also read here. Supplement each photo with a description – 1-2 sentences will suffice. Write with humor or in the characteristic intonation of the brand – experiment. We know the profiles that people follow just because they like the captions on the photo.

Short videos

According to statistics, short videos collect much more engagement than long videos or photos – it is obvious that such content will be more popular. No idea what to show in the video? Catch:

  • show product/production
  • announce a promotion
  • show office or team
  • share life hacks and ways to use your product
  • make a funny video
  • show the packaging
  • show buyers

Product in action

Your photos can technically be of high quality. But it’s boring. If we just see a product in the background, it is difficult for us to understand its value, since there are no direct associations in our heads. Therefore, you need to help subscribers complete associations, understand the value of the product, and evoke emotions. Photos in the process will help with this.  When the brain sees a cool image – it likes it, we put ourselves in the place of a person in advertising. The imagination kicks in – we want to be a model, experience her emotions and look like her. Will the product in the hands of the model help with this? Then we want it too.  Your goal is to find suitable models and locations for a photoshoot. And go ahead – wake up the audience’s imagination with cool shots.

Info for holidays

We open the calendar and let’s go, we select holidays that suit your brand according to the theme. Do you sell baby products? Mother’s Day, International Children’s Day… The principle is simple. Such posts are needed to show that you are aware of what is happening in the world, as well as once again entertain and please subscribers – after all, everyone loves holidays.

Promotion (Paid or Organic)

Properly designing a profile and publishing cool content is not enough – promotion is no less important. Switch to a business profile so you can run ads. On business.facebook.com, you can create a business account for your profile, select an audience and, after studying the rules of advertising, launch paid promotion.

Promotions and discounts

Are you running a sale? A popular product is back in stock? Presenting a new product or service? We tell, show and create excitement around the news. People are good at sharing news about discounts and promotions, which contributes to effective promotion. Important: do not use this mechanic too often, otherwise the audience will “burn out” and will not respond to such content as actively as before.

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